Plaza of Holy Angels Mausoleum, Fawkner Memorial Park
Construction Commencing in 2020
Fawkner Memorial Park

Plaza of Holy Angels Mausoleum

The Plaza or Piazza of Holy Angels Mausoleum is the fifth stage of the Holy Angels Mausoleum complex development at Fawkner Memorial Park. Harmer Architecture have designed the previous four stages since the first stage, built in 1997. The mausolea cater for the continuing demand for this type of burial by the Italian Community of Melbourne.

The Piazza Mausoleum will provide over 1800 crypts arranged six high over a series of galleries, each distinguished by a unique stone colour.

The Holy Angels Mausoleum development, already the largest in Australia, when complete, will provide burial spaces for over eight thousand people.

The centre point of the Piazza Mausoleum will be a landscaped open space for large gatherings, the focus of which will be a bronze statue of the Holy Mother.

The central theme of the design is the role of Women in nurturing and caring for others as exemplified by the Holy Mother and prominent female figure throughout history that have dedicated their lives to serving the poor, the sick and those who suffered. Each row of crypts is named after one of these women.

The mausoleum will feature custom made folded stainless steel cladding to complement the adjacent fourth stage Atrium of Holy Angels mausoleum completed by Harmer Architecture in 2017. Materials such as autumn blend special profile bricks, timber ceilings and coloured glass panels suspended within skylight shafts, along with seating and landscaping will make the mausoleum an inspiring and comforting place to visit.

Mausoleums are active public spaces and continue to serve large numbers of people who visit their relatives on a regular basis and gather together for interment ceremonies.

Plaza of Holy Angels Mausoleum