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This project is the new Student Hub of the Peninsula Campus of Monash University in Frankston. The Ground and First Floor Level of Building A have been reconfigured to provide the new Hub which includes spaces for hospitality, Retail Areas, Student Services and Informal Study Areas for students along with Back of House Staff Workspace. The new Ground Level Café and Student Lounge spaces double as overflow from the adjacent George Jenkins Theatre.

Aligning with campus masterplan strategies, the Hub is a pivotal point of arrival at the North End of the Campus and provides an internal circulation route from this enhanced entry to the central campus open landscaped space onto which key facilities such as the Library face. The new internal route transits from the Campus “valley” forming a “hillside” internal link to the central open space, the “plateau”, which is two floor levels above the Campus Entrance Valley.

Interior student areas on the First Floor are designed to capture tree top views of the valley landscape to the East, whilst the new Ground Floor Café links to a new Public Terrace that doubles as a landscaped outdoor overflow space for visitors to the 420-seat Theatre.

The interior design of the Hub creates a variety of seating configurations for students to study in groups and alone, interact socially and meet with teaching staff.

The new Monash Connect Pods are designed as informal, flexible and open places for staff to meet students and parents, rather than the traditional model of service counters that create formal barriers to consultation and information exchange.

On both floor levels, the underside of the concrete floor slabs have been left exposed and painted black to provide a higher ceiling height and a greater sense of space.

The Monash Student Hub provides a new and enhanced campus gateway, connects Building A to its landscape setting and provides vital new and diverse interior spaces for students, staff and visitors and strengthens connections between the University and the Community. The Hub makes the Peninsula Campus a great place to study & learn, interact socially and enjoy university life in a natural landscape setting.

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