Stage 2

Geelong Mausoleum

geelong mausoleum stage 2

This mausoleum at Geelong Eastern Cemetery is the second of a three stage development for the Italian community of Geelong.

The mausoleum provides 105 casket spaces, and like its sibling a little further up the hill, the Stage 1 mausoleum, the crypts are arranged in three blocks to form a simple triangular internal space.

The concept for each of the mausoleums is to create a refuge in the often windy open cemetery landscape that overlooks Corio Bay. The interiors are conceived as a rich array of materials, colours and details to create a comforting and restful space.

The central feature of this space is a hanging ‘chandelier’ of three panels of coloured glass designed by Harmer Architecture in collaboration with glass artist Andrew Ferguson. Sunlight from the pyramidal skylight above filters through the chandelier and throws washes of coloured light over the walls and floor.

It is not often that an architect gets to do a second version of a design that is already built. On the one hand, the cemetery trust saw no reason to change anything, on the other hand we as architects pushed for as many changes as possible. Apart from significant shifts in colours and finishes one major change to the stage 2 design is the more prominent peaked central roof and skylight making the beautiful copper roof shingles easier to see and allowing the stage 2 building which is lower on the site than stage 1, to assert its prominence.