Stage 1

Geelong Mausoleum

Geelong Mausoleum Stage 1

The Geelong Mausoleum interior is a triangular space formed by three crypt blocks, the gaps between providing daylight and external views.

The interior is rich in colour and detail to give a comforting and tranquil environment in which people can reflect and remember their deceased relatives.

Central focal points of the space are the coloured glass skylight forming an inverted pyramid, and the plectrum shaped purple and bone vinyl ottoman, both designed by Harmer Architecture.

The floor of alternating polished and honed triangular bluestone tiles adds to the textural quality of the space, reflecting light onto the timber ceiling.  Entry doors are clad in stained hardwood and copper, the active leaf articulated by coloured glass ‘portholes’

Burial spaces are fitted with memorial vigil lamps, designed by Harmer Architecture and manufactured in Melbourne of gold anodised aluminium and sandblasted glass.