ACU Speech Pathology

acu speech pathology New facilities have been designed for the Australian Catholic University’s Speech Pathology education program. Fitting out Level 3 at 115 Victoria Parade, the facilities are designed to enable simulated and practical professional learning within the unversity environment. The design of the facilities incorporates student education spaces and clinical treatment rooms for the..

ACU General Learning Areas

ACU GENERAL LEARNING AREAS Harmer Architecture have reconfigured and revitalised student learning areas for the Australian Catholic University on Level 2 of their main building at the Fitzroy campus. The new areas are a model for the future upgrade of spaces within this historic building, transforming the existing labyrinth of monotonous classrooms and corridors into..

ACU Student Centre

Acu student centre The fitout of the southern wing on Level 1 of the Mary Glowery Building, 115 Victoria Parade provides a new student hub for the university. The principal area along the eastern façade is a student breakout lounge where students can relax, meet with other students or staff and study in an informal..

ACU School of Arts

acu School of arts This project for the Australian Catholic University involved the conversion of and addition to three historic buildings in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy. Spaces for academic staff are included as well as a collaborative learning space for early childhood studies that connects with an outdoor area. The offices of the Associate-Vice-Chancellor occupy one of..

Insight Education Centre

insight education centre The Insight Foundation has built a new primary school for children with vision impairment on the Berwick campus of Monash University. Harmer Architecture have designed the first stage of the new school to incorporate classrooms, administration and external landscaping and play areas. The design concept for the first stage of the Insight..

St. Mary’s College

st mary’s college Harmer Architecture have been commissioned by the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne and the council of St Mary’s College to undertake a Masterplan and staged upgrade to the college located in Swanston Street, Parkville immediately beside the University of Melbourne. The upgrade has been conducted over five stages from 2010 during the annual..

Swinburne Moot Court

swinburne moot court This project for Swinburne University of Technology involved the fit out of an existing space to provide a new moot court room facility. The space includes a raised platform at the magistrate’s bench, witness box and flexible furniture to allow for different room configurations.

ACU Gymnasium

acu gYMNASIUM This project involved fitting out a basement area that was previously office space for the university’s gymnasium to occupy. The new space provides a vibrant area for use of gym equipment such as treadmills and weights machines, a free weights area in front of the mirrored wall delineated by thick rubber tiles and..

ACU School of Education

acu school of education Harmer Architecture completed this fitout at 250 Victoria Parade for the Australian Catholic University, School of Education. The Interior includes office space for around 50 university staff and 20 research students. The main feature of this fitout is the staff communal space that spans the entire width of the building facing..