Holy Angels Mausoleum Stage 1

Chapel of St. Raphael The Mausoleum development responds to the original masterplan for the park conceived in 1906. The main central space is circular and is derived from traditional mausolea that has endured from Neolithic tombs to present day. Etienne Boulle’s idea of an architecture of shadows for the dead is evoked by the colonnade..

Holy Angels Mausoleum Stage 3

CHAPEL OF ST. GABRIEL The Chapel of St. Gabriel is the third stage of the Holy Angels Mausoleum development at Fawkner Crematorium and Memorial Park. This wide section of site allowed the Chapel of St. Gabriel to float free of the main gallery and be surrounded on all sides by landscaped space. The chapel has..

Holy Angels Mausoleum Stage 2

CHAPEL OF ST. MICHAEL The Holy Angels Mausoleum development comprises three stages and the chapel of St Michael is the second stage housing 2237 casket spaces. The Chapel of St Michael is the central element in three stages of this development – the central space is capped by a long wedge shaped ceiling of aluminium..