Prototype Church

prototype church St James Anglican Church, Warranwood is a worship space for up to 150 people that also serves other community uses.  The facility includes offices, sunday school, kitchen, toilets, and foyer/fellowship space. The building is called a prototype because it is intended as a core design or starter pack church for a new congregation..

Mildura Mausoleum

mildura mausoleum The project is a 100 casket space mausoleum that provides a community burial place for the Italian community of Mildura. The mausoleum is shaped like a leaf, an organic form that relates to the unique landscape in which it is placed. The metal screen casts a fine shadow on the stone floor at..

Keilor Mausoleum Stage 3

keilor mausoleum stage 3 The central chapel space is flanked on each side by inner and outer galleries.  The outer gallery spaces face are semi-protected external spaces, which utilise half-height glass panels and perforated metal screens to shield visitors from wind and sun. The two inner galleries are top lit using clerestory glazing to admit..

Gatehouse Mausoleum

Gatehouse Mausoleum Designed for the Italian community, this mausoleum provides 618 burial spaces in Melbourne’s oldest historic cemetery located north of the Melbourne University College precinct. The design relates to the cemetery and Princes park landscape by framing views to both from within the four galleries that provide access to the polished granite memorial walls...

Luciano Rosetti Mausoleum

Luciano Rosetti Mausoleum This is the second major community mausoleum in the cemetery and it provides 1398 casket spaces.  The mausoleum also includes 6 family rooms each providing ten casket spaces. The mausoleum is arranged around a central courtyard and two reflection pools. Each gallery is characterised by distinctive stone and ceiling finishes to provide..

Brind Niche Walls

BRIND NICHE WALLS The Brind Walls provide 7760 niches for cremated remains; each interment memorialised with a brass plaque.  The walls form a screen to the maintenance compound to the north and provide a defining edge to the Brind memorial lawns. The 102m long main wall consists of loosely arranged smaller walls inclined to each..

Geelong Mausoleum Stage 1

Geelong Mausoleum Stage 1 The Geelong Mausoleum interior is a triangular space formed by three crypt blocks, the gaps between providing daylight and external views. The interior is rich in colour and detail to give a comforting and tranquil environment in which people can reflect and remember their deceased relatives. Central focal points of the..

140 Brunswick Street

140 brunswick street This project was commissioned by the Department of Human Services. The brief required a foyer upgrade of one of the high rise towers in the Atherton Gardens Estate in Fitzroy. Our aim was to create a new more welcoming place for residents to come and go with more space and natural light...

Cook Island Uniting Church

cook island uniting church This project is an expression of the changes that are happening in the Uniting Church. Many Churches in established suburbs are closing as a result of dwindling numbers and in many instances the disposal of these property assets creates new opportunities. In this instance, the Parish of Balkara rationalised their property..

Christ Church Warrnambool

christ church warrnambool This project is about the strengthening of the role played by Christ Church Anglican church in the city of Warrnambool. The parish wished to integrate its activities under one roof by building a new Fellowship Centre that is directly connected to the historic church. Harmer Architecture worked with a heritage advisor to..