North Fitzroy House

North Fitzroy House. 2016 Think Brick Awards Robin Dods Terracotta Roof

north fitzroy house

The new recently completed infill house in Tait St. North Fitzroy is located in the rear garden of a warehouse fronting Scotchmer St.

The design is an exploration of the courtyard house type, a two storey form emerging from a perimeter of lower brick walls, which define the site boundaries.

The perimeter walls and the house itself are an investigation into the materiality of two materials – terra cotta and timber.

Walls are clad in either brick or terra cotta roof tiles whilst timber battens form sunscreens, fencing and wall cladding all in the same pattern.

This house was designed for a couple whose children have left home and the new building neatly fits into the backyard of the much larger warehouse that they used to live in as a family.

The North Fitzroy House grabbed the trophy for the Think Brick Awards 2016 under the new Robin Dods category.


We have a most wonderful house thanks to Harmer Architecture. They took care to design a house on our small site which gives us a feeling of space, light and yet is still cosy. Designing the house with Harmers was stimulating and enjoyable. They led us to interesting and beautiful solutions while meeting our needs every step of the way. After 18 months in our new house we continually appreciate the subtleties of the materials, the colour and the design. We love it.

Kaye & Glynn Elias


 The Elias House very successfully combines two natural materials, terracotta tile and timber. It uses the terracotta tile on the vertical surface to create a highly textured wall with a natural quality of the material is further enhanced by the use of blending.

Awards Jury – Director Guy Lake, Bates Smart

watch the full jury statement in the video above


  • 2016 Think Brick Awards – Robin Dods Terracotta Roof