Monash Sport Main Pavilion

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Monash University Clayton Campus

Monash Sport Main Pavilion

The new Monash Sport Main Pavilion project (Building 1) is a major element in the reactivation of the playing fields in the eastern precinct of the campus. Building on recent initiatives such as the Monash tan, the refurbishment of the pavilion includes new connections to the playing fields and changing facilities for players at ground level.

The new facility also provides new improved access between the playing fields and the Monash Sports facilities in Scenic Boulevard via a new lift and improved stairs at both the north and south ends of the building.

The vision for the refurbishment of building 1 is a layered approach to allow the facility to blend into the landscape into which it is located. Each layer responds to the function that is required and adheres to the concept of sport and spectator.

The three layers of the façade are described as following:

The lower level, connecting to the playing field is clad with off white clay bricks that compliment the existing raw off form concrete columns. Window Glazing to the change rooms is translucent to admit daylight and provide privacy.

The main floor layer of the pavilion, will comprise a continuous ribbon of glass as a viewing slot, a full height double glazed wall that visually connects the interior with the playing fields and provides expansive views to the east and beyond to the Dandenong Ranges.

The interior of the main floor (layer) will be finished with carpet tiles in a variegated mottled green pattern which will resemble the playing field surface to make a visual link between the two.

The edge of the new raised roof will be marked by a long continuous visor like the front of a sporting cap. The visor will be perforated stainless steel panels that will shade the expanse of glass of the viewing slot below to control glare and heat.

The new façade of the pavilion will therefore reorient the Monash Sports Precinct and facilities onto the eastern periphery of the Clayton Campus where the new Victorian Heart Hospital will soon be built.