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La Trobe Agora Student Connection Space

La Trobe University
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La trobe student connection space

Harmer Architecture was commissioned by La Trobe University to design a Student Connection Space in their Melbourne campus. The new student connection space acts as a hub to connect student with future opportunities through multiple programs initiated by the university such as Career Ready for future employment, Unitemps for part time employment within the university, and Global Lounge for study or career opportunities abroad.

The design and layout of the student connection space allows staff and students to select different setting and seating plan to suit the nature of their discussion. Whether to engage in an open and informal, private and sensitive discussions, or for group meetings and presentations the space was the design with the intention of accommodating the various scenario.

The main space is directly open to the external level 2 concourse and faces to the Agora Courtyard, allowing connectivity between the hub and the rest of the campus. Each end of the space are equipped with audio visual which can be utilised for group meetings, workshops, and presentations. Loose furniture was also selected to allow flexibility in the space for seating and group discussions. At the back of the space are workstation areas for staff, a kitchenette and two consultation rooms for private and sensitive discussions between students and staffs.

The new Student Connection Space gives the opportunity for students to build much more than a set of technical skills and will help students develop a much broader set of personal attributes and key skills that employers want and will empower each individual to thrive.