Holy Angels Mausoleum Stage 1

Chapel of St. Raphael

Fawkner Memorial Park

Chapel of St. Raphael

The Mausoleum development responds to the original masterplan for the park conceived in 1906.

The main central space is circular and is derived from traditional mausolea that has endured from Neolithic tombs to present day.

Etienne Boulle’s idea of an architecture of shadows for the dead is evoked by the colonnade to the street.

The Holy Angels Mausoleum complex originally comprises of three stage mausoleum development, with each mausoleum named after the principal Archangels. The Chapel of St. Raphael was the first of three mausoleums developed at Fawkner Memorial Park.

In 2015 the third masuoleum of the complex (Chapel of St. Gabriel) reached its full capacity, making the complex one of the largest Mausoleum complexes in Australia.

Plans to further extend the complex with a fourth and fifth stage development was conceived in 2015 and by 2016 the development of the fourth stage was underway with construction due to be completed in early 2017.