Level 3 / 115 Victoria Parade

ACU Speech Pathology

Australian Catholic Uni

acu speech pathology

New facilities have been designed for the Australian Catholic University’s Speech Pathology education program. Fitting out Level 3 at 115 Victoria Parade, the facilities are designed to enable simulated and practical professional learning within the unversity environment.

The design of the facilities incorporates student education spaces and clinical treatment rooms for the general public. Harmer Architecture planned clinics and laboratories which are connected to observation rooms enabling students to participate in supervised paediatric speech and occupational therapy clinic sessions. AV Control rooms provide film and audio streaming, allowing storage and re-use of treatment data. The design also incorporate a collaborative learning space with custom designed computer tables and AV facilities.

Harmer Architecture’s design brings students to a vibrant, practical and professional atmosphere improving quality of learning. The new spaces also connect with the community by offering professional clinical treatments provided by academic professionals.